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Monday, November 29, 2010

RIP Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010)

"Surely, you can't be serious."
"I am serious. And don't call me Shirley."

How can you not love the person who uttered those words? Like many in my generation, I became familiar with the late Leslie Nielsen after watching his Airplane and Naked Gun movies. I have been a fan of comedies ever since.

What is so amazing about Nielsen is that he was in his 50s when Airplane was being filmed. Prior to this, he had a very impressive resume as a dramatic actor. The success of Airplane and the Naked Gun introduced him to a new genre as well as a new fan base. Thinks about this the next time you catch yourself whining that you are "too old" to learn a new skill or that is "too late" to pursue your dreams. I know I definitely will.

Thanks for the laughs, Mr. Nielsen. You will be missed.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My holiday wish list...

I avoid Black Friday sales like the plague. I never participate because it includes almost everything I hate about life (crowds, traffic, waiting in line, cold weather, getting up early in the morning, etc.) But that does not mean that I am not on the lookout for a good sale, or do not have a couple items that are on my wish list. Santa, if you are out listening, please hook a sista up!!!

Jay-Z: Decoded

Being a lover of all things Jay-Z, I absolutely have to get this book. I also love memoirs (although this technically is not considered a memoir or autobiography) and it has received fantastic reviews. Dream Hampton is an excellent writer so I know she did a fabulous job as well.

Valentino Bag
As part of my "Operation Upgrade" plan, it is imperative that I get my purse game up. I found out about Valentino after looking at a purse forum and I have been in love ever since. The bags are absolutely beautiful and feminine. Look at that bow just adorable!!!

I am not a tech person by any means, and I have never been one to salivate over the next gadget. When I dropped my phone down an elevator chute, I taped it up and continued to use it for months! I also am not a fan of touchscreens and having an actual keyboard is a must. Luckily, Sprint carries a couple of Android phones with a Qwerty keyboard that slides out. Since I am not eligible for an upgrade and I am looking for something that makes it easier to send and receive email and browse the web on the go, it may be the perfect time to pick one of these up.

A Cute Sparkly Dress
With these holiday parties coming up, I know I will need something to wear. I have always wanted a blingy dress with tons of sequins. Fredericks of Hollywood (of all places) actually has a very cute sequin dress for sale on their website.

A Big Cocktail Ring
I absolutely love this ring that Rihanna is wearing. I would love to find an enormous and unusually shaped ring like that. I am also a fan of huge brooches as well.

What are some of the items on your wish list???

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Leslie Johnson is a Down Ass Chick, Stuffs 80K in her Panties


I guess Jack and Leslie Johnson are the T.I. and Tiny of Prince George's County. There are so many elements of fuckery in this story that it was hard to decide what angle to cover when writing about this. It wasn't long before the details of their arrest began to resemble something out of a Biggie song:

"The charges stem from a frantic phone call on Friday in which Leslie Johnson told her husband that "two women were at the door" and ultimately ended when federal agents found $76,000 in Leslie Johnson's underwear, according to an affidavit in support of the criminal charges.

The pair were taken away in handcuffs separately shortly before 1 p.m. Johnson, wearing a camel-colored suit and white shirt, did not address reporters' questions. The Johnsons made their initial court appearances late Friday and did not enter a plea. A hearing was scheduled for next month.

According to the affidavit, two agents came to the door of the Johnsons' Mitchellville home on Friday morning. At the time, agents were listening to a phone conversation between Leslie Johnson and her husband. Jack Johnson told his wife not to answer the door and told his wife to go into their bedroom to retrieve a check from a developer.

The agents allege it was a $100,000 check given in return for Johnson's support of the developer's project. The developer was not named in the complaint. Jack Johnson is overheard on the recording ordering Leslie Johnson to tear up the check. "Tear it up; that is the only thing you have to do!" according to the affidavit.

Leslie Johnson also asked Jack Johnson whether she should remove cash from the house, and he suggested she put it in her underwear, the affidavit says. Jack Johnson instructed his wife to "put it in your bra and walk out or something. I don't know what to do," according to the document."
Women seriously need to chill with the Ride or Die Chick routine. I do not know much about this case but I find it very telling that Jack Johnson would put his wife in harms way by having her so involved in his alleged criminal activities. Even Biggie had enough sense to "keep your family and business completely separated." No man is worth going to jail over, and if he really gave a damn about you, he wouldn't even put you in that position to begin with. Not to mention putting money in your drawls does not sound very sanitary.