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Saturday, June 19, 2010

BP CEO Tony Hayward is On A Boat

While birds are drowning in oil, BP CEO Tony Hayward is off enjoying a Yacht race. Must be nice. For him to go off and race his $700,000 boat while fisherman in the Gulf risk having their livelihood permanently destroyed is nothing short of vulgar. I am reminded of Condi going shoe shopping and taking in a Broadway play while people in New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf were fighting for their lives.

This latest gaffe is the latest in a series of callous actions that would give Marie Antoinette a run for her money. In addition to lying repeatedly about the extend of the damage the oil spill has caused, he has accused Americans of being more likely to file bogus claims against the company and has whined about "wanting his life back." His people yet again tried to go in damage control mode, defending Hayward's actions by saying that he was spending some much needed time with his family. That would be a nice defense for attending a kid's soccer game. A glitzy yacht race, not so much.

But I guess I should not be too harsh to poor, put-upon Tony Hayward. Or else Rep. Barton will be forced to apologize to him again.

BP chief 'sailing into PR disaster' (Telegraph)

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