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Friday, July 2, 2010

Apparently Wonder Woman Has Been Shopping at the Gap

And she came out with a pair of leggings and a jean jacket!!!

This is such a fail. The iconic symbol of Girl Power has now been reduced to some hipster on her way to Whole Foods. When the drawing of Wonder Woman's makeover became public, the criticism was fast and furious. The blogs have been having a field day. Style maven Kelly Cutrone was not impressed. The debate has even entered the political realm, where conservatives are now attacking Diana Prince's patriotism since she is no longer rocking the starred bloomers (I am not making this up).

But the new look does have its defenders. I have heard some say that the toned-down look will allow her to be taken more seriously as a superhero. I have to say this train of thought bothers me. Why is it that the only way we can be "taken seriously" is for us to cast away our femininity? The Wonder of Wonder Woman was that she was a sex symbol who could still kick your ass.

Head writer J. Michael Straczynski said that he wanted Wonder Woman to look more modern. Has he been paying attention for the last couple of years? It is the era of the leotard. If anything Wonder Woman's old look would have been more timely than ever before. Exhibits A-C:

Pants are so 2006. It' s all about the onesies!!! Let Wonder Woman be great!

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