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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Female Misogynists: Enter Sharron Angle

In the Black community, we have a saying: "All my skin folk ain't all my kin folk."

What that means is that you cannot assume someone is an ally because they share similar superficial characteristics as you. Many times they can be your worst enemy. This phenomenon led Dave Chappelle to create his infamous skit about a fictitious black man named Clayton Bigsby who was a white supremacist.

But this kind of internal strife is not just limited to African Americans. Just like there are Black white supremacists, there are also female misogynists. Similar to the way Black white supremacists gleefully throw other blacks under the bus to curry favor with racist whites, female misogynists have no problem with degrading, betraying or exploiting other women if it will result in the male approval they so desperately crave.

A female misogynist does not want appear to be too partial to other women, so she will go out of her way to develop an anti-woman point of view, to the point where she becomes dangerously male identified. You have probably heard all about right wing lunatic Sharron Angle and her freak show of a campaign for U.S. Senate. Apparently when she is not busy appearing in Scientology videos, demonizing the unemployed, defending BP or homeschooling her son who couldn't pass kindergarten, Mrs. Angle likes to advise child rape victims that their rape was "God's plan" and therefore they must keep their rapist's baby.

There you have it. A female (I refuse to refer to this individual as a woman, or a human being for that matter) views rape and incest as lemons to be made into lemonade. A mere inconvenience. A speed bump on the road of life. No need to make things worse by exercising your right to end your pregnancy, turn that frown upside down! For someone to take such a glib stance on this matter shows an extreme level of callousness to the plight of women and girls who are victims of rape and incest. It also indicates to me that this individual is actively opposed to the very idea of promoting the safety and well being of women and girls. Please don't think for one second that this is about abortion. If someone is nuts enough to think that rape is God's will, can they really be trusted to enact tougher penalties against sexual predators? Maybe if elected she will take a page out of the nutcase from Alaska's playbook and extort money from rape victims in her state.

What both of these individuals have in common is the complete lack of concern for women and girls. I will go even further to say that their world-view is rooted in contempt for other women and girls. Female misogynists in general do not like other women. They see them as competition for the approval of dominant males. It doesn't take a genius to see that Angle and her ilk espouse anti-women views in order to get in good with the male-dominated religious right.

This type of insanity is not limited to crazy politicians. In the next post, I will call out the male-identified women who serve as guard dog for predatory males.

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