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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Wife lost baby at 16 wks. Went for surgery & was screamed at by protesters."

When I read this, I get sad and furious at the same time. Just when I think that human beings have completely maxed out on their ability to be truly despicable and evil, I read something this. I don't want to rehash the entire blog post over here, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts as well and didn't want to take up space at the Daddy Files blog by leaving extremely long comments.

I cannot imagine being a woman looking forward to having a baby, only to be told that as a result of a rare genetic disorder, I will give birth to a stillborn child. Then when I try to avoid the horror of a stillbirth and go to a clinic to have surgery, I am accosted, yelled at and heckled by protesters. Yet this is what happened to this man's wife. He confronts this scum and records the encounter. As you can see in the youtube video, this individual really had no real reason or explanation for her atrocious conduct and has the nerve to threaten to call the cops for recording her!

Aaron, the husband and blog hose of The Daddy Files, is completely on target in his assessment:

"Yesterday I discovered just how cowardly these people really are. They didn’t respond to a single one of my arguments. They had no salient points and could only fall back on their rehearsed rhetoric. They could be volunteering in the schools or youth programs to try to fix the problem of teenage pregnancy at it’s core. But they aren’t. Instead they take the coward’s way out, picketing and putting on a shameful public display that, in the end, accomplishes nothing."

That's the thing with misogynists; they are cowards through and through. They have no problem harassing and terrorizing women and girls but when a light is shined on them they quickly scatter like cockroaches. They are used to a young, scared unoccupied woman or teenager who they can bully. What they were not prepared for was the wrath of a furious husband armed with a camera phone. The creature featured in the Youtube video may be female, but she is definitely a misogynist. When I decided to do my series on female misogynists yesterday, I knew nothing about this case. After I got over my disgust, I saw how this creature (I will not refer to her as a woman or human being for that matter) was behaving in typical female misogynist guard dog fashion. Notice how the foot soldiers and water carriers in these movements are usually female.

Aaron's video and blog posts shows the importance of exposing these individuals for the cowards they are. In his post, he noted how no one really confronted these terrorists for their behavior. I believe that shame is a powerful behavior modification tool. If more of these creatures knew that they would be confronted, photographed, put on the internet, they would stop. The reason I chose to do the female misogynist series is to expose the women who hate other women and who serve as guard and attack dogs. While this protester's actions are extreme, there are many other women out there who's actions are no better.


Daddy Files said...

Great post. Thank you for sharing our story. We figured if there's a silver lining here it's going to be showing as many people as possible what these protesters are truly like. And it ain't pretty.

Again, thanks. That means a lot.

Amaka said...

Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. I can't imagine what you and your wife are going through. I think many people give them a pass because they are just "following what they believe" and are considered annoying, but harmless. People do not see just how evil and twisted their behavior is. Thanks again for shining a light on it.

Jessica Sideways said...

I'm so happy that this husband decided to confront these monsters who would yell at and harass a woman (whether it was his wife or not) because she was going in for a medical procedure. Granted, it was a different procedure than their target but they don't refuse to change.

At the Planned Parenthoods here in Colorado, they offer a number of services, including hormone replacement therapy for transgender people. And yet, people feel the compulsion to protest them. Anyone affiliated with Big Fetus (I won't call them pro-life because they aren't nor anti-abortion because it is more the gamut of misogyny) deserves the shame they earn for themselves.

Amaka said...


I too am glad that he confronted them and put the video on Youtube. Situations like this show how social media can definitely make a difference when it comes to bringing awareness to an issue. These individuals have been able to terrorize women under the cover of darkness and technology is helping to expose and shame them.

If these individuals really believed they were doing "God's will," then they would welcome the opportunity to share their views on camera and convert more followers. They would be proud of what they were doing. The fact that they run and hide when confronted shows that their "cause" is rooted in cowardice and misogyny.

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