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Saturday, July 17, 2010


I am quite excited about this film. I have been a fan of Angelina Jolie for quite some time, so I am always interested in what she is about to do next (even though I must admit I am not feeling her playing Cleopatra, for reasons explained here). Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to seeing her in Salt.

I love the fact the a woman is starring in the movie as an action lead. How cool is it that Angie was able to land a role that was originally written for Tom Cruise? I don't want to hear any Hollywood actresses whining about how hard it is to get work when this chick was able to get a role the was originally for a man and had the whole storyline changed for her! Angie has so much clout that she pretty much calls the shots. One of the reasons that I think she has been so successful is because she has done a good job in picking the right roles. She has always went for the edgy, complicated roles instead of the sentimental and sweet characters you constantly see in romantic comedies. Jezebel elaborates on this further.

Hopefully Salt does well at the box office because if it doesn't then you know you will never see another movie like this again. Male actors can be in flop after flop but if a woman is not successful she is quickly given the ax. Time will tell. Stay tuned for my review!

h/t Women and Hollywood

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